Our Philosophy

Why we are different

Our work is focused on helping you remove your personal barriers to health and wellness. Therefore our workouts require little to no equipment and will be done in the comfort of your own home, hotel room or office; you never have to step foot in a gym again! By incorporating the principals of pilates and strength training, we will use the weight of your own body against the pull of gravity, to design a full body workout that will strengthen and tone your muscles as well as increase your flexibility. We have coined this the Minimal Equipment Exercise (MEE) approach. We will also design and incorporate cardiovascular training based on your needs. In addition we will help you create an exercise and nutrition plan for when you travel and vacation, integrating exercise and wellness into all aspects of your life.

We are Holistic – we treat the Whole Person:

Working closely with you we will co-create a personalized system that will focus on your goals and lifestyle requirements. We do not take short cuts, we work from the ground up – focusing on the cornerstones of health and wellness: exercise, nutrition and stress reduction.

We Customize programs for your needs:

All of our work begins with an in-depth introductory assessment – in which we encourage you to be candid about your goals, your schedule restrictions and past successes and struggles with health and wellness. We listen first, create together and then work towards implementing and achieving your personal goals, together.

We cut barriers to exercise and wellness:

Not only do we come to you for your workouts; our goal is to transfer our skills and techniques to you. Our dedicated team of trainers and nutritional experts will help you build a support system to help you achieve and maintain your health goals. At the end of our work together, you will be more than prepared to maintain your health and wellness goals on your own, whether you are traveling, vacationing, entertaining or just living your busy life!

We focus on long-term health – Fit for Life!

We do not rely on fads or trends. We do not impose generic routines and regiments on you. We focus on your needs and support you as we transfer our knowledge and skills about exercise, nutrition and stress reduction to you, in such a way that these skills will be with you for life. We build your customized plan around your lifestyle requirements, taking into consideration your work schedule, your family, living situation and preference in activity and eating habits. We build your plan around you, enabling you to stick to a healthier lifestyle for the long-term, ensuring you are fit for life!